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Blame the QB-centric media and widespread suspicions about Newton when he became the top draft pick of 2011. At age 23, he conducted himself like Tom Brady on a bad day at age 36. His top receiver, Steve Smith, called him out on the self-pity last year, and rightly so. Any connection between Newton's lack of sulking and the flipped record amounts to classic chicken-egg theory.A staggering rookie season undid the theory that Newton lacked the tools of a pro, but confirmation bias being what it is, his critics mined soft data from his first two seasons to underscore their original point. There isn't even compelling evidence that the visible attitude shift improved him as a quarterback.

This could include a water hole in the summer, large scrape during the rut or food source in the winter.

The more evidence of deer in the area, the more photos on your SD card.

So now that we have the right location, let’s narrow it down to the high-traffic areas. Check for deer tracks at places like the muddy bank of a pond or creek, a favorite hard-hit mineral site in the spring and the fence line alongside a bean field in the summer.

I have highlighted some small steps I take to improve my trail-camera outcomes.

By taking your time and following these steps, you will generate better photos and a more enjoyable scouting experience.

Cambridge was a pioneer of computer science and continues to lead its development.

There are more than 1,000 specialist computing and advanced technology companies and commercial laboratories in the area (known as ‘Silicon Fen’), and many support our teaching and employ our students.

Rate measures each quarterback's passing stats against the league average, and it shows that Newton went from 100 (or the league average) as a rookie to 101 as a second-year player and 102 now.

The widely held notion that he endured a sophomore slump last year is not borne out very heartily by the statistics. 5) and scored fewer rushing touchdowns (8, down from 14), but he ran for slightly more yardage as a slumper than as a rookie (741 vs. In this, the year of ostensible redemption, he is on a pace to throw and run for fewer yards than he did in the two previous ones.

Others use an online interview provider such as Hire Vue, which sends Webcams to candidates and provides a high-bandwidth video link through the companies’ Web sites.

“Cutting down on air and hotel expenses, as well as wasted team interviewing time, is a logical place to save money,” explains Colleen Aylward, CEO of Interview Studio, an online interview provider.

“You can do it without giving up quality screening, if video is used properly.” There are two basic formats for video cam interviews.