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In the front, it’s high-tech with computer monitors and keyboards, plus a setup for musicians.Decades ago, there were mostly older, alcoholic men in the rehabilitation center.

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We all agree that it's a really good day out and we look forward to the following year.For a comparison of this nature to be valid, the two things being compared should be fairly equivalent outside of the factors being examined, but that isn’t the case here.The two countries mentioned here are so very different that this isn’t just a comparison of apples and oranges; it’s more like a comparison of apples and radishes.​“We do what we do and put it in the Lord’s hands as God’s program,” said Maj. Mac Lean is administrator of the Adult Rehabilitation Center in Binghamton.It’s a residential program that uses a faith-based approach to help people out of substance abuse.2015 shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon that left nine people dead on was no exception.

Such debates typically feature each side presenting charts contrasting violent crime and homicide rates in countries with permissive and restrictive gun ownership laws to make the case that the prevalence of guns corresponds to either higher or lower crime rates.

On the other hand, Honduras is a Central American country that is nearly three times the size of Switzerland and possesses coasts along both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea, but is a “lower middle-income country with persistent poverty and inequality challenges,”with a GDP only about 2.5% that of Switzerland and three neighbors (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala) that share similar economic conditions.

Not to mention that Honduras is right in the path of the flow of drugs shipped by sea and air from Colombia and has therefore been ravaged by the and its attendant factors of massive criminal organizations, violence, and governmental instability.

But that’s changed with the times.“We’re getting young people who don’t have any work history,” Mac Lean said.“Now, those who come are as young as 18 and are mostly addicted to drugs like heroin,” he said.“One of the first things I tell them is we are a Christian, faith-based program," said counselor Theresa Tague.

"And you’re going to have church services, Bible studies and religious instruction.“No matter what their faith is, we tell them that at least they can be respectful,” Tague added.

In addition we take once yearly day trips to various places of interest, usually chosen by the group themselves.

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