Age of solar system radioactive dating

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Age of solar system radioactive dating

The discovery of radioactivity was that the occurrence of some isotopes is unstable, such that a new element is formed spontaneously.

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We know it is accurate because radiometric dating is based on the radioactive decay of unstable isotopes.

For example, a problem I have worked on involving the eruption of a volcano at what is now Naples, Italy, occurred 38500 years ago with a plus or minus of 300 years.

So, when the materials are appropriate and one carefully avoids contamination and re setting radiometric clocks can be VERY ACCURATE.

...igneous activity (both extrusive and intrusive) occurred in the Caledonian mountain belt, which stretched from New England, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Scotland, and Scandinavia to eastern Greenland.

Radiometric dating of granitic intrusions associated with the Caledonian orogeny yields ages between about 430 million and 380 million years.

Later, Kelvin's calculations used Earth's temperature change with depth, thermal properties of rocks, and a planetary body that started as a molten mass, to produce ages in the range of 50-100 my.

This determination was firmly grounded in the physics of late 19 ranges from 1500 to 2000 C, the age of the earth would range from 36-65 m.y.Heavier elements can have several isotopic numbers, meaning different numbers of neutrons, but the same number of protons.For example, the element rubidium has the isotopes 85/37 Rb and 87/37 Rb.Scientific knowledge of Earth’s geologic history has advanced significantly since the development of radiometric dating, a method of age determination based on the principle that radioactive atoms in geologic materials decay at constant, known rates to daughter atoms.Radiometric dating has provided not only a means of numerically quantifying geologic time but also a tool for determining the...The igneous activity that produced such intrusions...

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