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If you’re reading this because I contacted you about a future opportunity, you can take a more broad look by looking through the archive. The world found out that Amy Winehouse passed away today at age 27, after being found in her London home. James Euringer (@Jimmy Urine) of Mindless Self Indulgence: YOU DIDNT GIVE A SHIT BOUT HER WHEN SHE WAZ A LIVING DRUG ADDICT NOW U MISS HER CUZ SHEz A DEAD DRUG ADDICT FUCK U FUCK HER MOURN DA RECORD Alex Deleon (@Alexander Deleon) of the Cab: hate that so many people, especially talented ones, surrender their life to addiction. Justin Siegel (@Justin Siegel) of Stars In Stereo: So insanely tragic. Slade Echeverria (@Anarbor Slade) of Anarbor: Wow RIP Amy WInehouse, such an great singer.

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Having jetted off to Dubai with models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for the New Year, the Disney star grabbed dinner with some good pals and at one point reunited with the lovely Shay Mitchell for a girls-only gathering.

With a purported average of some 360 days of sunshine each year, it is nicknamed "The Sunshine City." For that reason, the city has long been a popular retirement destination, especially for those in the United States from colder Northern climates.

This reputation earned the city the derisive nickname of "God's waiting room".

The Gandy Bridge, conceived by George Gandy and opened in 1924, was the first causeway to be built across Tampa Bay, connecting St.

Pete) is a city in Pinellas County, Florida, United States long known as a vacation destination for both American and foreign tourists. It is also served by Interstates 175 and 375, which branch off I-275 into the southern and northern areas of downtown respectively.

However, in recent years the population has shifted in a more youthful direction. Williams, formerly of Detroit, Michigan, who purchased the land in 1876, and by Peter Demens, who was instrumental in bringing the terminus of a railroad there in 1888. Petersburg was incorporated on February 29, 1892, when it had a population of only some 300 people.

It was named after Saint Petersburg, Russia, where Peter Demens had spent half of his youth. Williams and Peter Demens flipped a coin to see who would have the honor of naming the city.). Petersburg's first electrical service in 1897 and its first trolley service in 1904.Now faced with a quest for revenge and survival so staggering it would scare off even the gods themselves, he finds help in stranger Ryan Ross; loner, roamer, and supernatural hunter.They recruit other souls along the way to aid them in their quest. Doing it alone could mean the end of mankind as they know.OMG LIVE's National Event Director Nik Hatziefstathiou tweeted on Christmas Eve, 'Peeped at some dope 2015 tour schedules.Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, & Lorde have some huge things in store for the New Year,' hinting the starlet may soon be hitting the road.[Supernatural Crossover] Things that were only thought to be myths and nightmares pay a visit to Las Vegas one night with only one goal in mind: chaos.

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    Iain Morrison, 33, from Hull, was shocked to see the messages pop up within 15 minutes of starting up his son’s IPad when he decided to have a look at the “seemingly innocent” game after reading an article about it online.