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NVIS: Near Vertical Incidence Skywave NVIS, or Near Vertical Incidence Skywave, refers to a radio propagation mode which involves the use of antennas with a very high radiation angle, approaching or reaching 90 degrees (straight up), along with selection of an appropriate frequency below the critical frequency, to establish reliable communications over a radius of 0-200 miles or so.

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CAPE MAY – When most people head to the beach, they usually carry chairs, lotions, umbrellas and snacks among other items.

No space weather storms were observed for the past 24 hours.

No space weather storms are predicted for the next 24 hours.

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Barbara and Wayne Schlueter brought their ham radio equipment to the beach June 1, to practice their skills and talk to other operators.

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For Schlueter, whose call signal is KD0WAT, and his wife, whose call signal is KD0WAU, it's an opportunity to combine "old technology with new" to help their community's emergency response team in their hometown of Andover, Kan."We've helped find a man who drowned in his car during a flood; we can provide help with traffic and perimeter control, and we can send images without the internet so when the Red Cross needs to know how big or how bad something is, we can send photos so they can provide the necessary emergency equipment and supplies.