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One is based in Caudete de Castilla, the other in the famous wine district of Rioja.

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) you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked off to Europe with these printables!With so much passion for wine it is no wonder that Age Folkestand started thinking about making his own wines, a thought which became a reality in 2011 when he launched his first wines.Today Age is working together with two vineyards (bodegas) which produce the wines for him.For instance I enjoy the first sector, which is high speed for corners one, two and three and even into four and five. Then the last sector becomes tight, twisty and technical. On top of that I really like the city of Barcelona and look forward to staying there.It has a lot of atmosphere and some amazing areas." "We come to the first European race of the season.Our Spain Date Night Cover features a traditional Spanish bull.

It captures the romance and passion of Spain perfectly!

We serve a combination of Norwegian and Spanish cuisine, such as Norwegian cod and salmon, tasty tapas to share and our famous beef tenderloin.

We also have a kids menu, and a range of desserts if you fancy something sweet (our cheese cake is amazing! Casa Vital is known for combining food with art and culture.

Restaurante Casa Vital is a charming and friendly restaurant located in the old town of Altea.

Our big terrace has amazing views over the Mediterranean ocean and Calpe, enjoying your dinner here truly feels like living the Spanish dream.

I really hope we can have a good weekend without any unlucky incidents like we had in Sochi." "While I know Barcelona well from testing there in series like Formula Renault and Formula 3 and obviously the Formula One tests before the start of the season, I have never actually raced on the track.