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In the early days hair conditioners were fairly easy to define.Things with Lauren obviously were okay enough for him to appear on a decent number of episodes of , Lo was never the one directly at the center of attention, but she's always been around.After being Lauren's bestie, then not being her bestie (thanks Jen Bunney) Lo and LC are BFFs once again - Lo was one of Lauren's nine bridesmaids in her 2014 wedding!Nowadays, Lo runs her own website The Lo Down - a fashion blog that features a podcast, as well as recipes and other crafty things. She is also the Health and Wellness Editor-at-Large for After his days at the beach, he moved to the east coast to study at Parsons in NYC. The recipient, of course, was Lauren Conrad, then a wide-eyed twentysomething who had recently fled the Laguna Beach, Calif., bubble where she was raised—and prominently featured on MTV’s On May 31, 2006—10 years ago this month—The Hills premiered, attracting millions of viewers each week with its tear-filled cat fights and epic disses (“He’s a sucky person! For those who harbored dreams of working at a glossy magazine, it also offered a rare inside look at an industry that was once closely guarded from the public, years before apps like Instagram and Snapchat came along and democratized everything.There were the initial finishing rinses, deep conditioners for damanged strands and detanglers.

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