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We're like, "THIS IS ALREADY A REALLY, REALLY SHIT DAY.I PRESUME YOUR CONCERN FOR THE WELFARE OF CHILDREN EXTENDS INTO A LIFE SPENT VOLUNTEERING IN CARE HOMES, FOSTERING AND DONATING YOUR WAGES TO THE NSPCC — AND DOESN'T SOLELY REST ON HARASSING AND ABUSING TEARFUL, POSSIBLY RAPED WOMEN WHO ARE TRYING TO GET A SAFE, LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE SO THEY DON'T FUCK UP THE REST OF THEIR LIVES."Here's another thing we're too embarrassed to say: we'd love it if a big bunch of pro-choice men turned up at these clinics, and helped escort the scared women in. Talking In the last year or so, we saw this study, from America, and it broke our hearts a bit, because it explains so much: in a mixed-gender group, when women talk 25 per cent of the time or less, it's seen as being "equally balanced". From the moment we grew our tits, we've been cat-called in the street; commented on by relatives ("Ooooh, she's big-boned"; "Well, you'll be a heart-breaker") as if we weren't standing there in front of them, hearing all this.

If this is what you’ll put up with in the first few weeks and months, what will you put up with in three months time? ‘I’m messed up’ it doesn’t mean ‘I’m messed up for everyone else but you’.Unwind in our stylish collection of rooms and suites, all designed with your comfort in mind. View all rooms Enhance your stay with an upgrade to one of our Executive Rooms or Suites.You’ll get exclusive access to our Executive Lounge which includes complimentary breakfast, and canapés and refreshments throughout the day. You know babies come out of vaginas and it fucking stings, and that the vaginas are having a hard time anyway, what with all the waxing they get. You've called Donald Trump "a twat" for his sexist comments about a female news anchor being on her period. It's the 21st century and you are, most assuredly, not a dick. So, what I am going to do, instead, is tell you 12 things about women that women are usually too embarrassed to tell you themselves. It's the same as when you say the word "environment". Because remember that patriarchy's bumming you as hard as it's bumming us. You, meanwhile, are unable to talk about your feelings lest you get punched in the nuts by "a lad" telling you not to be "a bender". Being a woman doesn't make "being a woman" any easier. It's like having an exploding, insane blood-bag of pain up in your business end — nothing really prepares you for when it all kicks off. The next, you're suddenly having to wedge a tiny Barbie mattress in your knickers, crying while you watch , and eating Nurofen Plus like they're Tic Tacs. Have you ever tried to scrub blood out of a Premier Inn sheet at 6am, using just travel shampoo and your toothbrush? You know the pay disparity; still 20 per cent less for women in this country, and not a single prosecution, even though it's literally illegal. Ugh.")You've seen Amy Schumer's brilliant, edgy sketches on contraception and rape, and laughed along with them. You don't need Tits Mc Gee here to take you through it one more time. No mumbling Like you, we feel a bit embarrassed about saying the word "feminism". " chats, we're just identifying the general locus of the problem, ie, most of the power and influence being held by a small amount of men. I can't emphasise enough how much it's not about burning penises. Periods We're still pretty traumatised about our periods, even though we're now 40. We're just people with a whole load more laundry issues than you.We acquired extensive knowledge and experience restoring furniture and seating using traditional methods.

We give tuition and run if you need advice about restoration or traditional upholstery. Someone who fingered you said it was like diddling a Gonk. We're not wise, or in touch with nature, or down with it. Imagine if you had to get your bum-hole stripped every 30 days — lest the mean girls at school corner you on the bus home and go, "I've heard you're like Catweazle down there.In any case, the first couple “weeks” was the most time we spent together in the 3 months gone by. After these fabulous dates, nothing for up to 2 weeks??? He is always a gentleman, loving and very affectionate, seems so into me then GONE. You want to believe that you are the exception to the norm and that there is a magic potion or move out there that you need to do to turn him into someone who behaves like this all the time instead of in hot bursts.It faded…he is not good about phone calls nor other communication, stating “I am not much for phone talk” Reg flag? But be under no illusions, you are experiencing him blowing hot and cold…big time.We think that all restoration including antique chair restoration should be appropriate to the particular piece.

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    Pieces for fixed media, live-electronics, video and performance by Hiromi Ishii, Julia Mihály, Clemens von Reusner, Savannah Agger, Paul Hauptmeier und Takuto Fukuda, pm. Felix Leuschner (E-Drumset, Live-Elektronics) and Julia Mihály (Synthesizer, Game Controllers, toy-Instruments, Live-Elektronics). Felix Leuschner (E-Drumset, Live-Elektronics) and Julia Mihály (Synthesizer, Game Controllers, toy-Instruments, Live-Elektronics). Felix Leuschner (E-Drumset, Live-Elektronics) and Julia Mihály (Synthesizer, Game Controllers, toy-Instruments, Live-Elektronics).

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    Sure, we may let our moods swing from time to time, but our dependability is consistent.