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The organization provides assistance and support for transgender people."We teach transgender people how to accept themselves, promote knowledge of the trans community in society and provide services and support for transsexuals to facilitate their reintegration into society after sex reassignment surgery," Chen said.

When people don’t leverage their free time, the opportunities to talk and meet with new people decreases.” From left to right: (1) Rental profiles on Come Rent Me. She is a designer based in Hangzhou and will eat, go shopping, watch movies, and drink afternoon tea with clients. No matter what you do, whether it’s meeting someone or completing a task, you have a cost.” Mr. “For example, maybe some people want to meet Jack Ma, but they can’t.

Like Momo, a Chinese social networking app, Come Rent Me wants to help young Chinese people meet each other. Fan believes that Come Rent Me dates have a comparable value to ticket sales, citing the example of ‘cross-talkers’, which is a type of performance popular in northern China involving casual comedic banter. If Jack Ma was on our platform, people would have the opportunity to meet him.

"For example, we help them change gender markers or sometimes names on ID cards and give them vocational training." She said most of the organization's founders had themselves had difficulties changing their gender on their ID cards in China.

"The police said I needed a statement from a hospital proving my sex reassignment before they could change my ID.

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