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It turns out that the man on her photo is not her other half, but the actress's spiritual healer.

The very first rumors of their dating began circulating during the March of 2017 when some insider source revealed their secret meetings of the pair.After being linked to a couple of celebrity names including Orlando Bloom and Glen Powell during the past few months, Nina Dobrev has been making frenzy in the headlines once again after recent reports have claimed that she has finally found her new love.The brewing rumors first broke out when she posted a photo of her with a man and another friend, which apparently debunked the speculated romance between her and the "Beneath the Blue" actor.Let us begin from 2005 where they first met but were not in the place of life where they could fall for each other.When they first met, had they ever thought that someday they would end up falling for each other?Moreover, Dobrev doesn't usually sugarcoat things when it comes to her life so if there's someone making her smile brighter; she would not hide it from her fans.

has also been taking a portion of these dating reports thrown against Dobrev.Worse than that .has always taken a long time to get back to living my life. Sometimes it took years of going back to the break up point pondering forever trying to find what I had done wrong?! for clear reasons, one of them being our latest update on his love life yet again!Alex is dating a new diva in his life, and she is way more beautiful than any other lady we have seen with him in the past.again following her short-lived romance with Austin Powell.