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“The biggest concern is the law has not set any minimum marriage age for special circumstances, meaning children can be married off at the age of 14-15,” said Nur Khan Liton who represents the Child Rights Advocacy Coalition in Bangladesh.The coalition, which includes international charities such as Save the Children, Action Aid, national charities and rights groups, said the law could be abused and poses a “risk” to children.

There is also significant demand in major cities for U. Bangladesh has made gradual progress in reducing some constraints on investment, but inadequate infrastructure, financial constraints, bureaucratic delays, and corruption continue to hinder foreign investment.

— AFP pic DHAKA, Feb 28 — Rights groups today criticised a controversial new child marriage law in Bangladesh which allows children as young as 14 to be married off by their parents.

Parliament passed the Child Marriage Restraint Act last night, replacing a law dating back to the British colonial period.

At the time of the announcement, the Administration provided the Government of Bangladesh with a 16-point action plan outlining next steps as part of a longstanding effort to address in a meaningful way worker rights and safety problems in Bangladesh.

If implemented, the plan would provide a basis for the President to consider reinstating GSP trade benefits. Openness To, and Restrictions Upon, Foreign Investment Attitude toward Foreign Direct Investment With 6 percent annual growth sustained over the past two decades, a large workforce, and vibrant private sector, Bangladesh, the world’s eighth most populous country, offers opportunities for investment, especially in the energy, power, pharmaceutical, information technology, telecommunications, and infrastructure sectors as well as in labor-intensive industries such as readymade garments, household textiles, and leather processing. The government actively seeks foreign investment, particularly in energy, power, and infrastructure projects.

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The new law keeps the minimum marriageable age for males at 21 and for females at 18 but relaxes the age bar for “special circumstances” including for girls who elope, are raped or bear children out of wedlock.

Rights groups have criticised the law, saying it would jeopardise the gains Bangladesh has made in cutting the levels of child marriage and improving the health of women and children.

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Indian skipper Virat Kohli has a bit of a history against Bangladesh, which dates back to his U-19 days.

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