Bordeaux and cigar smoking dating

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Bordeaux and cigar smoking dating - the little book of dating rules

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The wine society was just £2 a term with four tastings and you could take a guest, so all I was just thinking was: that’s four dates!

Allan Massie lives deep in the Scottish borders where distractions are few, especially if, like him, you do not drive.

Following the cryptic directions he sent me, after three wrong roads, a couple of three-point turns and a shame-faced phone call for guidance, I eventually find him.

But as he leads me along a book-lined passage to a parlour with a sizzling coal fire - once the servants' quarters, with a bell panel showing six bedrooms, dining room, tradesman's entrance and the like - it is clear that the novelist's imagination is working on material much further from home.

Now in his mid-seventies - Massie was born in 1938 in Singapore in Malaya, where his Aberdeenshire father was a rubber planter - he is almost as prolific and certainly every bit as enquiring as when he started out.

If ever a house cried out to be put into a novel, this is it.

"It's rather shabby, I'm afraid," says Massie, obviously fond of the place he shares with his wife, two Clumber spaniels and four cats, as well as chickens and horses.) - university was the first time wine had been put in front of him and the question posed: ‘what do you think about these?’ Fortuitously for us, his first wine experiences began with Bordeaux and continued to throughout university: “I had this one wonderful tutor, who if we’d had a good tutorial, he’d bring out a bottle of Beychevelle ’61.Though only a few miles out of Selkirk, his elegant country house feels utterly secluded.Hidden by trees, it faces fields of cattle across a milky green pond where a rowing boat lies on the bank, ready for a dip.Cuba is to cigars what Bordeaux or Napa is to wine: equal parts tradition, terroir, and myth.