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7.17.06 - People Online: Just 'Charmed' Nick Lachey – who did a six-episode stint on Charmed – meets up with former witchy woman Alyssa Milano over lunch at Hollywood's Sky Bar on Thursday. 6.16.06 - Ivan Sergei has landed a lead role in the FOX drama pilot Drive.

It was sex-positive in a way a lot of shows aren’t even today, and the chemistry between the three leads was palpable.

During his time off the set, he enjoys being a handyman which was his job before acting (and was his fake job when he played Leo Wyatt on Charmed).

The first season of Charmed, an American supernatural drama television series created by Constance M. Airing on Wednesdays at pm, the season consisted of 22 episodes and concluded its airing on May 26, 1999.

Recently she sent “Charmed” fans into a tizzy with comments to Entertainment Tonight that seemed to imply a magical reunion show could be afoot.

She later took to Twitter to clarify: “#Charmed fans! CBS is developing a reboot without the original cast.

From the start, the show focused as much on the ordinary lives of Prue, Piper and Phoebe as it did on their extracurricular magical activities, living by the famous mantra of "not witches who happen to be sisters, but sisters who happen to be witches." It was clear after the pilot episode broke ratings records that The WB had a fresh hit on their hands and, after running for a total of 178 episodes, it later became the longest-running show featuring all female leads in history (surpassed later by at 180-episodes).

It was lightning in a bottle, tapping into an audience that wasn’t really being served at the time.Together they have the "Power of Three", which they must use to fight demons and warlocks, and protect the innocent.David Bianculi of the New York Daily News wrote that it had room to grow, "As Buster Poindexter once sang, they're hot, hot, hot...If Charmed gets more savvy, scary and sexy as weeks go on and it's a good bet it will falling under its spell will be an easy thing to do." Howard Rosenberg of the Los Angeles Times disagreed with Bianculi and Garron, "There's no magic, black or otherwise, in the WB's Charmed, a limp drama about three sisters who discover they are witches." In 2016, Gavin Hetherington of Spoiler TV ran a series of Charmed articles in the run-up to the 10th anniversary of the series finale.The first was a complete season review of season one, in which Gavin comments that he has "fond memories" of the season, despite it not being his favourite.4.21.06 - From Shannen Doherty is fronting an Oxygen reality series on which viewers will hire out the Beverly Hills, 90210 diva to give the heave-ho to significant others, bad friends and mean bosses. 4.12.06 - From Says the New York Post, Rose Mc Gowan is being Charmed these days by Sin City director Robert Rodriguez ("They have a professional relationship," counters a publicist).