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In addition, those children whose parents indicated a greater use of food as a means to control their child’s behaviour reported higher levels of body dissatisfaction.

Children whose parents indicated greater attempts to control their child’s diets reported higher intakes of both healthy and unhealthy snack foods.

A composed and collected Simmons testified before a riveted jury Wednesday that he had been signing blank checks from the Friends of Corrine Brown campaign fund account and handing them to Brown since 1993.

SKETCHES: A look inside the courtroom as Simmons testifies LEGAL COMMENTARY: Roundtable discussion on latest developments He said he didn't have access to her personal bank account, but he did have access to her congressional account and that he controlled the Friends of Corrine Brown account and the One Door for Education Foundation account.

Elias "Ronnie" Simmons, who was indicted with Brown last year, pleaded guilty to charges earlier this year and agreed to testify against his former boss, who he admitted Wednesday was like a mother to him.

Corrine Brown's ex-chief of staff testified Wednesday at her federal corruption trial that Brown “was in complete control of where the money went” regarding the use of hundreds of thousands in donations to an unregistered charity for lavish parties, trips and other personal uses.

According to Simmons' testimony, Brown asked him to make the first withdrawal from One Door's account less than a week after the first donor check was deposited. Simmons' former girlfriend posted in a comment on News4that she thinks Simmons lied on the stand."I have heard him yell, scream and cuss at her. Over several days of testimony, prosecutors have documented that at least 0,000 of One Door's funds paid for receptions, luxury boxes as sporting events and concerts, and trips and expenses for Brown and her associates.

He said after that her orders came in droves, from demanding cash in her hand to requesting deposits be made to her account to directing check be mailed to Jacksonville. One example in FBI testimony from Tuesday was a ,000 check with "Children's Summer Camp Program" written in the memo line that was deposited into the account of Brown's daughter, while the two were on a shopping trip on Rodeo Drive in California.In 2003, he and his producer Paul Brown won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Instrumental Album for Just Chillin'. 1 smooth jazz radio hit, "Let's Take a Ride," from the album Stay With Me, according to Radio and Records magazine.In 2008, the Verve Music Group re-released Just Between Us as part of its "Verve Originals" series.In 1992 he released his debut album, Just Between Us.Collaborators included the Boyz II Men, Stevie Wonder and Kenneth H. A portion of the album was produced by Norman Connors, a jazz drummer and producer who discovered Brown.In 1994 Brown released the album After the Storm, which gained critical success. In 2000, he released Celebration, which was produced by Paul Brown.