Catholic dating for converts

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Too many LITTLE weird things happened in our life that if those small things hadn’t have happened we wouldn’t have met.

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She and her husband own & operate Two Sparrows Farm & Dairy in Lowell, Michigan ( She also blogs at grew up in a home that was politely Protestant yet sometimes hostile towards organized religion.This next installment of my “Catholic Dating Problems” series is a response to Melinda Selmys’s blog post. I asked my fellow Catholic young adults about how they saw the whole concept of flirt and convert and this is what they have to say.Everyone has probably heard the term “flirt and convert” or “missionary dating,” in which a person of faith dates someone outside of his or her denomination (or an atheist/agnostic) in the hopes of both winning their love and saving their souls. On the Pros side: Sarah R.: I think it really depends where your heart is at and your true intention.It was really obvious he was searching because he had a desire for God that I hadn’t found previously in a man and I knew his desire would be fulfilled in the Eucharist and I knew he’d love Mary. We started officially dating and these debates continued.He did research of his own, found Scott Hahn and Bishop Robert Barron and well…obviously he didn’t stand a chance.I am filled with gratitude as I have had time to dig into some of the layers of Church teaching on many issues. There is such a direct connection to the faith the earliest Christians practiced.

Your comment was successfully submitted and will be published in accordance with site policy.I entered high school externally indifferent about the existence of God, and even professed some strong agnostic beliefs, but deep down I never lost this feeling that there was something more.Whether by Divine Providence, or just good luck, I exclusively dated Catholic guys throughout high school (interestingly enough, all of French Canadian descent).Through them, I was introduced to the world of Catholicism – it was mysterious, sensual, and completely foreign to me.The first time I ever entered a Catholic church was to attend Mass with my boyfriend and his family when I was still in high school.I will have more questions of course, but I just want to take this one step at a time.