Catholic women dating muslim men

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Catholic women dating muslim men - vip power dating com

Salam my apologies for the question which seems to be similar to other questions but I am trying to be specific.As a Muslim man, can I marry a practicing Catholic woman?

I have been told it would not be possible for a Catholic priest to marry us. It is most important to both of us and my family as well.

The Prophet (PBUH) guaranteed Paradise to those who will guarantee him correct use of what is between cheeks and the correct use of what is between thighs.

In fact it sounds easy but all our life rotating around these things.

And a believing slave woman is better than a polytheist, even though she might please you.

My fiancce of nine years is Muslim and I am Catholic.

I must agree in the last few months strictly speaking you asked no more than two or three real questions and repeated them changing just a irrelevant detail expecting new answers... Allah swt has allowed to marry the ahlul kitab but you have to keep these in mind that if she considers Prophet Jesus peace be upon him as a son of god then it would shirk and your kids would be following such faith too as mothers are the first teachers and there would be other consequences as well.

I personally have not came across any prohibition, in fact we are also reminded to be respectful to the people of "the book" in general when it comes to their belief.

Now, about 30 percent of Jews are married to someone outside the faith.

American Muslims are going through a similar transition, one that could profoundly change the Muslim experience in the United States.

Today, American Jews and Muslims make up a similarly small portion of the population; they are generally highly educated and well-off, and both groups are concentrated in major metropolitan areas.

Although estimates of interfaith marriage among small population groups such as Muslims are hard to pin down, a 2011 Pew Research Center study found that about 16 percent of Muslims who are married or living with someone have a non-Muslim spouse or partner.

The couple are then truly married and any other religious celebration before or after this event, which expresses giving or renewing matrimonial consent, is forbidden.

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