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Tanna is a tiny island, part of Vanuata, a South Pacific nation made up of about 80 small islands.C'est un truc sans âme, sans vie, qui reste immobile dans une position souvent artificielle...which has lead to this content being there while not visible when the node is displayed. Good luck with your studies and remember, repetition is the key! free dating site with im chat 100 free dating site with instant messenger online dating chat india free dating instant chat free dating site instant messaging free dating sites with instant messaging free online dating site with instant chat web based group chat open source .I don’t make the rules, I just know they have to be obeyed.

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Tanna was the first film to be announced by International Film Festival Rotterdam this year.

The film tells the tragic love story of the beautiful Wawa and the chiefs’ grandson Dain who are deeply in love against the will of their tribe.

Wawa has been promised to another tribe to solve an intertribal conflict.

It is with good reason that the media often refers to the film as ‘The Romeo and Julliet of the South Pacific’.

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