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All our videos in the members area are in downloadable WMV HD.

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I will not let my personal sexual preferences or moral beliefs interfere with the individual rights of other adults; to access, possess or view any content contained within this website.

She had been gang raped and consequently labelled a “slut” by her classmates.

Emily decided to publish her own diary entries dealing with sexual shaming in high school as a blog to provide some perspective for other young girls experiencing the same thing.

It is my choice and I am voluntarily entering this website with the full understanding that this website contains and has links to sexually explicit content, including images, video, audio and language that is forbidden to anyone who is not at least 18 years old and that such content may offend some adults.

I will not access, possess or view the contents of this website or that of external adult sites linked from within this website, while in the presence of such individuals.

It’s international and it involves all genders, all races and all ages from all walks of life.

It started with my diary from when I was bullied in middle school.

If at any time, I am personally offended by such content; my only recourse is to immediately leave this website.

I fully understand that all models and performers depicted on this website were at least 18 years old at the time of production and that all descriptions of any person are only intended to reference adults that were at least 18 years old.

It was just going to be a blog of my diary entries because I figured what I was going through was common but the rare thing was that I had saved these diaries – most people get rid of theirs.

A chat slut is a woman, girl, or in some cases a guy who chats 24/7 looking for a chatmance.

They could be single or married but in all cases they are too limp to actually go in an appropriate chat room and ask for cyber sex, which is what they want from the get go.