Completely dating spouses

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Completely dating spouses

The art of massage, and particularly sensual massage, has taken a backseat when it comes to intimacy.Many people, mostly us women, are sometimes uncomfortable giving massages to our spouses because we believe we aren’t any good at it. A professional massage is amazing because you are relaxed once you walk in the door knowing that you are about to get pampered.

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You want to relax her and to calm her — so don’t press too hard.What are the subtle changes that occur after marriage?Want to know how marriage transforms you as a couple and as individuals? The answer is both, but there are some things that cannot be changed due to society’s influence.Kelsey just shakes her head with frustration, while Dr. That is a Kelsey that doesn't want to be in a relationship.Griffin questions whether they have been able to communicate off camera. That is a Kelsey that wants to have fun,' Dustin says of her off-camera persona. Griffin explains to the camera that for some people on the show, being filmed can affect how honest they are being about their feelings and marriages.'This is especially true for people like Kelsey who may want to really keep up appearances for people like her parents and the act very differently when the cameras are gone,' she adds.Unfortunately, in spite of studies showing that 70% of wives of sex addicts meet the criteria for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), most sex addiction counselors are still working from the co-addict model.

The co-addict model says a person who is married to a sex addict is sick, out of control, addicted to their spouse, and implies she is partially to blame for his behavior, simply because she chose to marry a sex addict, even though the vast majority of the time she did not even know he was an addict.

The clinical psychologist was initially surprised to see how flirtatious Kelsey and Dustin were while they were away from their spouses, and she is just as shocked to witness the drastic change in their relationship after only a few days together.

During her second home visit, Dustin greets her at the door and admits that he and Kelsey are in the middle of a 'big argument'. That's very different than the last time I was here,' Dr.

Symptoms of PTSD have been shown to mimic symptoms of co-addiction, but still most therapists are sticking to this outdated model which is doing great harm to partners.

So does that mean there is no hope in finding a good counselor to help a woman whose world has been turned upside down by the discovery of her husband’s pornography or sexual addiction? But it may prove to be more challenging than it should be.

It can be harder than you think to find a counselor who really gets the trauma you have suffered as a partner of a porn or sexual addict.