Computer policy not updating

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Computer policy not updating

GPMC allows you to update the GPO settings on multiple computers, but there are a few disadvantages associated with this approach.

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The Old Group Policy is still working from the new domain controller which applies to windows 2003 Terminal Servers.Delete the "HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft" Key Delete the "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Group Policy Objects" Key. To answer your question - yes it's physically removed from the domain and now joins a workgroup. Basically, how this works is it (since it gets no policy when you run the command), it applies an empty policy, which effectively removes the stuck policy once and for all. If you see the DC or evidence that it pulled a policy, separate your computer from the network that's running on the DC and plug the machine into a separate network. Basically, does the system know it's not on the domain?Delete the "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies" Key. No internet connection is required for this solution, but the link needs to be up, and it needs to have an IP address. If you are still logging into an account that was used while it was on the domain, chances are it hasnt been removed from the domain.The New GP is not applying to the New Win 2012 R2 servers. I set up the new Terminal Server GP exactly like the old Terminal Server GP (as far as I can tell). Group Policy settings are applied when client computers restart or when the Group Policy refresh interval expires.

This interval can be modified on the Group Policy Object configured on a domain controller. The machine was in a domain where it got those group policy settings. Fortunately, there is a rather ingenious way to fix this problem. Hopefully this answer will get around to enough sysadmins to fix that. This solution is dependent upon the machine-in-question being dis-joined from the domain.Now it has left the domain but it still receives the settings from the group policy. I set a certain power option but soon it will be reset to another power option which is endorsed by the domain. Delete the "HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft" Key (looks like a folder). If it is physically off the domain, and you ARE using a local account to log on, and it still carries the group policy settings, not only would i be very surprised, but something is wrong. If it is NOT dis-joined from the domain via the OS, then this will NOT work.All Group Policy Objects configured in the way Microsoft has recommended the last 16 years will stop to work.Group Policy Objects with default permissions will work. GPO with security filtering to user groups will typically work after the update.Microsoft provides the command-line tool to refresh the Group Policy settings immediately on a client computer, but does not support refreshing GPO settings on a remote computer.

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