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Intelligent, articulate, self-confident, and attractive, she is the first woman and second African-American to hold that position.

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"The security agreements negotiated and signed in 2008 by the Bush administration stipulated this date of December 31, 2008, as the end of the military presence. "There was an expectation that we would negotiate something that looked like a residual force for our training with the Iraqis," Rice said.

As his respected advisor, she briefs him on the world situation each morning and is at his elbow with foreign leaders.

She has a reputation for making things happen with tenacity and charm.

When given a truly free choice, human beings will choose liberty over oppression; the right to own property over random search and seizure.

Human beings will choose the natural right to life over the constant fear of death.

2012 end date, was not only open to a new agreement that would include an extension for U. troops, but expected that a new agreement would eventually be signed.

"We certainly understood that the Iraqis preserved that option and everybody believed that option was going to be exercised," Rice said. The Obama administration had demanded that immunity be granted by the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the country’s primary legislative body, which was unwilling to do so for political reasons.

American government aide who became President George W.

Bush's National Security Advisor on January 22, 2001.

This was part of the Obama administration’s drive to de-emphasize their failed negotiations to renegotiate that agreement and frame the withdrawal as the fulfillment of a campaign promise to end the Iraq war.

31, his top advisors contended that since the Bush administration had signed the 2008 Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), both administrations believed that all troops should be withdrawn by the end of the year.

When called to testify under oath before the 9/11 commission, she initially refused, citing precedent and advice from White House Counsel.

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