Consolidating police fire departments

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Consolidating police fire departments - maria oconnor online dating

A "fire protection district" is a political subdivision which is organized and empowered to supply protection by any available means to persons and property against injuries and damage from fire and from hazards which do or may cause fire, and which is also empowered to render first aid for the purpose of saving lives, and to give assistance in the event of an accident or emergency of any kind. No person holding any lucrative office or employment under this state, or any political subdivision thereof as defined in section 70.120, shall hold the office of fire protection district director under this chapter. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 321.015, no employee of any fire protection district or ambulance district shall serve as a member of any fire district or ambulance district board while such person is employed by any fire district or ambulance district, except that an employee of a fire protection district or an ambulance district may serve as a member of a voluntary fire protection district board or a voluntary ambulance district board. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, individual board members shall not be eligible for employment by the board within twelve months of termination of service as a member of the board unless such employment is on a volunteer basis or without compensation. The organization of a district shall be initiated by a petition filed in the office of the clerk of the circuit court vested with jurisdiction in any county in which all or part of the real property in the proposed district is situated. Similar petitions or duplicate copies of the same petition for the organization of the same district, revising the boundaries of the proposed district, or recommending another chosen name for the district, may be filed at any time before a hearing is had on the petition, and shall, together with the first petition, be regarded as one petition, and shall be considered by the court the same as though filed with the first petition placed on file. Immediately after the filing of such petition or any amended petition changing the boundaries, the court wherein such petition is filed or the judge thereof in vacation shall, by order, fix a time and place not less than thirty days nor more than sixty days after the petition is filed for a hearing thereon, and thereupon the circuit clerk shall cause notice by publication to be made of the filing of the petition and the pendency of the action and of the time and place of the hearing thereon.

Partner with the community to build a livable, sustainable and safe City by providing strategic, timely, predictable, cost effective planning and development services with a culture focused on community engagement, customer service, creativity, accountability and continuous improvement.

If you are interested, you are more than welcome to visit any one of our stations and talk to the firefighters.

The best time to show up would be any Tuesday around pm.

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