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Electric car maker Faraday Future says it has decided to build vehicles at an existing factory in California.The move comes less than a month after the company scrapped a plan to build a $1 billion factory in Nevada.

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Krickitt, who was in the driver’s seat, tried to swerve around a slow-moving lorry, when a truck following too closely on their tail hit the Carpenter’s car from behind, sending it rolling for a hundred feet and ripping off the roof.He did not enter a plea at Friday's hearing to six federal charges dating to 2014, including conspiracy to commit computer fraud.Dramatic new evidence: Two forensic experts have released previously unseen crime scene pictures that claim to show Oscar Pistorius attacked his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (left) with a cricket bat before shooting her dead.‘I knew nothing until I awoke from a coma almost four months later, with no idea where I was or what had happened,’ she says today.The head injuries Krickitt had sustained in the accident were so severe that at first she remembered nothing - not how to dress herself, brush her teeth, not even how to walk.She looks just like me, the 24-year old Krickitt, but I have no memory of how that girl feels,’ Krickitt, now 42, admits sadly.

Just ten weeks after that day, a horrific car accident put Krickitt in a coma for four months.The casino will hold information sessions starting next Tuesday about the free courses, which will allow participants to apply for jobs as dealers. A British cybersecurity figure hailed as a crime-fighter just three months before his arrest in a worldwide malware production and distribution case might still be in Las Vegas ahead of his arraignment next week in a federal court in Wisconsin, according to terms set by a judge.Faraday said Monday it signed a lease on a 1 million-square-foot (93,000 square meters) factory in Hanford, California, about 200 miles (320 kilometers) north of its Los Angeles headquarters.In early July, the company ditched its plan to build a manufacturing plant in North Las Vegas, Nevada, despite spending 0 million to develop the site.The casino set to open in March 2018 in the Sullivan County Town of Thompson is expected to hire about 600 people.

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