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I just rinse it out with water, give it a couple shakes (more than twice is playing with yourself, right? edit: oops the one I have is a Go Girl not a p-mate. 6/27 Roger Waters' Us Them @ Staples 7/21-23 FYF Fest 8/8 NEIL FUCKING DIAMOND @ Valley View (San Diego) 9/13 Green Day @ Matress Firm Amphitheater U2 Joshua Tree Tour @ Qualcomm 10/6 Depeche Mode @ Matress Firm Amphitheater 10/12 The National @ SDSU Open Air Theater 10/18 Arcade Fire @ Viejas 11/20 Mogwai @ Observatory Whiskey Sour 2 oz blended whiskey Juice of 1/2 lemon 1/2 tsp powdered sugar 1 cherry 1/2 slice lemon Shake blended whiskey, juice of lemon, and powdered sugar with ice and strain into a whiskey sour glass. Our white cotton is chlorine-free and optical brightener-free! New babies come in many sizes and the newborn size Workhorse no-closure is a very flexible fit.

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I've also been listening to the "Love & Logic" cds on disciplining toddlers and it's helping me be a calmer parent. Both my son and daughter share a room for now and they had their fun with feces. she suggested putting on a onesie, which thank goodness has worked, but she also suggested more playtime with clay.

Before anyone got hip to My Space, we wrote our teenage feelings on blogs like Live Journal and Xanga. So some genius created Ask Jeeves, a fictional butler who would “respond” to your questions with internet searches. Somehow, this made the whole Internet thing a lot easier to understand and made us feel like we were king of the robots. Unfortunately, those awesome things we were promised for forwarding, like money from Bill Gates, never came true.

This question came up over the weekend (drunk football talk of course).

Let the child associate the action with the consequences and figure out for himself if he wants to try that again. I hope this helps for most of you, If not, I pray for your patience.

My son, who's 25 months old, started pulling poop out of his diaper a couple weeks ago.

"Is it worth wearing an adult diaper to a music festival so I can watch _______ from the rail?

" I suppose for someone that REALLY wanted to see one specific band and knew it would be a long wait, this could work.

Teeny Greeny offers hour-long, in-person consultations at either location, where you can handle a variety diaper brands and styles with your hot little hands while picking our brains with every question that's been plaguing you from the get-go. " is currently #1 on the hit list.) We'll find a time that's convenient for your busy schedule and help you.

We are most available on Mondays and Tuesdays, but if you need sometime during the weekend or right after work, we can make that happen too!

Being able to put up your own MIDI files (those bloopy songs that were ringtones before ringtones could play actual songs) and animated GIFS was unbelievable..act in itself was worth doing, not to share your feelings or get any kind of commercial gain or anything. Today Geo Cities is available only in Japan (figures), but the Geocitiesizer website can show you what your favorite page would look like if only it had been made on Geo Cities.

Here’s the Geo Cites version of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. When the Internet first started, no one knew how depraved people could get.

My toddler has a disturbing habit of removing her dirty diapers and playing with the contents.

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