Dating and marriage customs in vietnam

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Dating and marriage customs in vietnam - dunhill dating system

The most obvious change is the cost – the social pressure of ‘face’ leads some families to spend up to the equivalent of ten year’s salary.

As it were, 3 years later, I’m not this bitter anymore. Said male will typically be a heavy smoker, an even more heavy drinker, most likely a gambler and ideally, holds a job that is far less advanced than his female counterpart.More ways to determine whether a relationship is in 1. Typically the dynamics of a post-war Vietnamese family includes an overbearing father figure and a diminutive mother figure.The young female learns early on that a Vietnamese American male is up against all odds and feels the need to nurture him, similar to how her mother responded when her father was upset or angry.His family is super shy and super reserved, so I don’t want to ask this of them.This blows me away because I was raised in a very non-traditional Vietnamese way and was encouraged to have whatever type of wedding I wanted, until just recently, when my parents decided that they wanted all of these traditions that I don’t quite understand.Are there any other traditions I should know about and be prepared for? I’m so happy to finally be a legitimate weddingbee bride and not just a lurker (which I have been for over 2 years!

A Vietnam’s Wedding Ceremony The wedding is a particular ceremony day of a couple. A wedding in Vietnamese culture is not simple because it contains many steps.

Sapa is known as a highland town which is famous for the naturally breathtaking landscapes and the unique traditional customs.

Today, will become a tour guide to take you to Sapa and find out one of the most cultural characteristics of Hmong people, which is “pulling wife” or “wife catching”.

I just recently got engaged (in the American way via proposal and ring) and haven’t told my parents yet.

The reason I haven’t told them is because they recently told me that when I do get engaged, they want his family to come over to my parents home and ask for my hand in marriage!

In the past, the groom and bride have to wear Ao Dai which are the traditional clothes for their wedding.

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