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The atlas is of great significance to British cartography as it set a standard of cartographic representation in Britain and the maps remained the basis for English county mapping, with few exceptions, until after 1750.

Reservation of ownership and grant of licence: Bartholomew retains exclusive ownership of the Data and hereby grants to you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the Data on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.Burghley has annotated this map, adding place names.At this time England was under threat of invasion from Catholic Spain, a threat which culminated in the events of the Spanish Armada.A discount of 25 pounds can be made for non internet/web site use. If you require to print more than 100 copies of the map, then the following charges ( vat) will be payable on top of the initial cost : An example square of the map quality is shown here (note that you get 10 by 10 of these squares in your map) Map Data Copyright Bartholomew1999 The following licence agreement, which you must agree to before we will supply the data, is supplied with the map data END USER LICENCE AGREEMENT FOR USE OF BARTHOLOMEW DATA (THE DATA) ON A THIRD PARTY INTERNET SITE. BY USING THE DATA YOU ARE INDICATING YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF THE BARTHOLOMEW LICENCE AGREEMENT.IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AS STATED, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE DATA.Recent blog posts by fellow map dealer, Tim Bryars on the subject of civil servant cartographer, Leslie George Bullock [1895-1971] greatly intrigued me and have led me to delve a little more deeply into the biography & family background of this interesting mapmaker, whose distinctive & highly decorative series of maps of cities and regions of the British Isles, designed over a period of 32 years, must have presented Edinburgh publishers, John Bartholomew & Son Ltd, with some of their most popular, long-lived and profitable cartographic productions.

Bullock’s decorative maps informed & illuminated the childhood (& adult) years of at least two generations of British families, my own included, and it seems wider recognition and acknowledgement of this gifted artist & popular cartographer is long overdue.

Some of the older maps are beautiful to look at, both the cover designs and the interiors, with their different shading and information.

Stretched end to end, the maps would cover over a mile, so you can imagine just how much the boxes of maps are piling up in our head office.

Rights: This is a licence agreement between the end user (You) and Bartholomew Limited.

This Licence Agreement gives You certain limited rights to use the Data and any Technical Information also provided.

We now sell the London Street Map images for use on your web site and for limited printing runs (see licence below for full scope).

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