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A stay-at-home mom at the time, she claimed she could recruit singles and help with the flood of calls and emails the show triggered. As Atlanta’s top matchmaker, Beatrice blazed a tremendous trail for others to follow – and we still look up to her.With a passion for improving the lives of others, and helping people on their journeys to find love, Michelle is highly skilled at coaching clients to become happier, healthier daters.

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I first want to say THANK YOU for your awesome advice on how to get my 'friend' from texting to calling.One of the most respected names in matchmaking, Sarah Kathryn Walmsley is a 20-year veteran of the dating industry; and she has been profiled as an authority on relationships and singles issues by The Wall Street Journal, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and many others.In fact, her expertise has led to more than 300 marriages and serious relationships.Please don't feel that you have to wait on me or one of the Admins to put a formal Meet-Up together!Also, if you want to promote an event or know of something that's fun to do, please email me or one of my admins and we will post it on the calendar for you! (You don't necessarily need to be Single to be Social!!! ) 5 Singles who like to mingle | 3 Photos **Mention Meetup in the comment section on the online registration and receive the JCC Member Price! Learn more 7 Singles who like to mingle | 1 Photo *Receive the JCC Member Price for being a Meetup Member!Are you going through a divorce, a breakup, out in the dating world again, or embarking on a life long journey together?

Coaching can get you there faster by providing you clarity, direction, and the tools you need to live a more fulfilling life. Coaching can move through the grieving, the regrets, and the bitterness into a place of peace and happiness. Explore how to maintain balance in your life, gain a new perspective, learn more effective communication skills, and heighten your self esteem. What better wedding present to give each other than some pre-marital coaching to open up communication.

If you are seeking direction in life decisions and looking for someone that has an eye for the bigger picture through extraordinary lenses, then Julie Wadley is the best professional to navigate you to your destination!

Julie helped me to face a couple fears that had been lingering in my professional life.

Please keep in mind, this isn't a Singles group where we are about setting people up.are a group of singles who hang out with other singles...instead of our married or coupled friends.

If you find a love connection through our group...fantastic! We're here to plan events, like sporting events, happy hour, dinners, beach parties, Cultural Events, Sunday brunch, going to bands, etc...... If you see something on the calendar you would like to do, post a Shout-Out on the message board and have some members join you!

Dating back to 2001, the Cougars have now won a conference regular season or tournament title for 14 straight years.

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    If anything, according to some single guys we know, too many women want to rush their dates/boyfriends into meeting their kids, when the guys would rather proceed more cautiously.

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