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In addition, he used stolen credit cards to order laptops and i Pads that he had shipped to his victims. Sunmola even had a store selling electronics in South Africa, which operated illegally.Apparently all of his stock consisted of items he had stolen in one way or another.

enjoy your last week in the sandbox.” Landaker, 25, was killed that same day. 7 during a casualty evacuation, according to Marine officials.Now, of course, that does not mean that all of these images are illegal under the Constitution.But with so many graphic images available on computer networks, I believe Congress must act and do so in a constitutional manner to help parents who are under assault in this day and age.Sunmola also had one victim apply for a credit card, get cash advances on it, and then send money to him in South Africa through Western Union and Money Gram.This paper examines moral panics over contemporary technology, or “technopanics.” I use the cyberporn panic of 1996 and the contemporary panic over online predators and My Space to demonstrate links between media coverage and content legislation.Introduction: The cyberporn panic Technopanics What is My Space?

My Space and online predators My Space privacy The Deleting Online Predators Act Is this a moral panic? The article was precipitated by a new study released by Carnegie Mellon, one of the premiere computer science schools in the country.The last time the Corps lost Marines in the Lioness program was June 23, 2005, when Cpls. Valdez, 20, were killed when their convoy was hit by a car bomb.Virtual memorial: Family, friends use fallen troops’ My Space pages for mourning By Beth Zimmerman Staff writer When Marine 1st Lt. 4, the helicopter pilot had less than two weeks left in his Iraq tour. Parcell, a landing support specialist with Okinawa, Japan-based Combat Logistics Regiment 3, assumed her billet with the Lioness program Feb.Parcell was the fifth female Marine to be killed in Iraq since the war began in 2003.Some states are considering requiring tighter security and confidentiality, and a bill introduced in the House of Representatives would require schools and libraries to block teenagers from the sites.