Dating for buddhists

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Dating for buddhists - gay geek dating

Many people look to Siddhartha Gautama as an example of someone who attained nirvana, a buddha. is devoted to taking an honest look at what we as meditators face in the modern world.Each week in this column we look at what it might be like if Siddhartha was on his spiritual journey today. Every other week I'll take on a new question and give some advice based on what I think Sid, a fictional Siddartha, would do.

After all, according to, the dating services business is now a .1 billion industry in the U. alone, with niche websites gobbling up ever-larger slices of that pie.How would he handle challenging situations that couples face on a daily basis?Well, wonder no more – here are the rules to dating according to Buddha. One woman waited for her first date with a man she’d met online, sitting at an outdoor table at the appointed place and time. Readers of my early ’00s newspaper column emailed me with hundreds of horror stories, and sometimes their experiences would bring tears to my eyes.The world becomes better when we see someone sincere and reliable by our side, it feels like everything is possible, the only thing you need is a power of will and kind heart.

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About the Author: Amy Amy Baglan is on a mission to evolve the dating industry.

She started Meet Mindful to provide a place for singles into personal development, mindfulness, social change, meditation, yoga and green living to meet like-minded people and discover how to have the best relationship possible.

Online dating services to make two lonely hearts meet and beat in unison.

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I think that they're making things a lot more complicated. Here's my level of education and here's how much money I make and here's how important it is to me that I date someone smarter/dumber/richer/more traveled/fatter than me.

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