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The rake ends up mad, in Bedlam Hospital; the harlot dies of venereal disease. Some 18th-century buyers of his prints certainly bought them as cautionary tales.His 1747 Industry and Idleness prints – in which the industrious apprentice becomes Lord Mayor of London, while the idle apprentice is executed at Tyburn – were particularly popular among employers.

Portrait miniatures and oil paintings, many in fine examples of period frames, include Most of the Library’s caricatures, satires, and other graphic materials, are cataloged in Orbis, Yale’s Library catalog.Hogarth’s prints play out the sins of eighteenth-century London in a kind of visual theatre that was entirely new and novel in their day..In this series, we meet the fresh faced Moll Hackabout as she arrives for the first time in London.was first advertised on June 26, 1747 as a print representing “a country inn yard at election time.” Since the election had only been announced eight days earlier, Hogarth must have completed the scene with some haste.The only direct reference to the campaign is the crowd in the back, perhaps a comment on the lack of attention the election received from the English people.The printing press was duly installed on the dining room table at their home Hogarth House, which gave the Press its name.

There were a number of reasons why the Woolfs were keen to start printing.

The pawnbrokers, gin distillers and undertakers (all depicted, too) did a roaring trade.

Hogarth, who died 250 years ago last week, in Leicester Square aged 66, did the picture in support of the 1751 Gin Act, banning unlicensed gin merchants.

The Lewis Walpole Library houses a significant collection of fine and graphic arts.

The prints and drawings make up one of the most important collections of eighteenth-century British visual satire anywhere and it is the largest such collection outside the United Kingdom.

The composition focuses on her back, and creates another verbal pun: she is literally “turning her back” on the urgency of the election…