Dating longcase clocks

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Long before the domestic grandfather / longcase / tallcase clocks were made, Blacksmiths were making great iron church clocks as early as the 1400’s.

The names of these people are recorded in local directories and it is from these directories that we are able to build up a list of makers of watches and grandfather / longcase / tallcase clocks and the people employed by them.

A typically "Westcountry" 8 day, figured mahogany longcase clock with swimming ( rather than pecking ) swan AUTOMATON to arch of Finnemore painted dial. Late 18C, typically "London" flame mahogany, 8 day longcase clock with 12" breakarch brass dial and breakarch top by Richard Grove of London. A very fine, late 18C, high quality, typically "London," 8 day, double breakarch top, flame mahogany longcase clock with classic bridge top trunk door, strike/silent facility to arch of brass breakarch dial and with centre sweep calendar by the respected J. Classic, pagoda top, long door flame mahogany, typically London, high quality, 8 day longcase clock with painted dial, pull hour repeat, and strike/silent facility to arch.

A very good, typically "Bristol," breakarch painted dial, long door, flame mahogany longcase clock with swan neck pediment and Adam & Eve AUTOMATON by J ( John ) Warry of Bristol circa 1815. Typical high quality two step plinth to base, the lower shaped. Almost identical to LCMAH 349, but lighter in colour. An excellent, classic London, flame mahogany, 8 day longcase clock of superior quality by Charles Howse of London, with 12" breakarch brass dial circa 1800. Spencer and Perkins of London ( recorded Snow Hill 1765 - 1810 ).

Some also have a moon phase dial and if you live in the northern hemisphere and came to this page looking for help in resetting the moon dial of your longcase clock, you might find this helpful: .

Many enthusiasts remove the movement and bring it to me for stripping and cleaning and checking (from £350); if you don't feel confident, I will come and remove it for £40 plus travel costs.

All grandfather clocks are an eight day movement and are restored, unless otherwise stated.


We can find out the towns that they worked in, the streets where they had their businesses, and a good idea as to when they were in operation.

Other references would be local newspapers, records of wills, local libraries and museums.

Delivery and setting up of this clock is free to an destination on the UK Mainland.

There is also a one year guarantee Clock has been in same family for 100 years.

If the wear is excessive, I will also redress worn pallets, burnish (or replace) pivots and rebush worn pivot holes, replace teeth or whole wheels, and if required I will then finish all the parts with French chalk to give the brass a good lustre before re-assembly and oiling.

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