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You have used such a variety of methods in dating the featured photos that we thought you’d like to share them in one place and help out those who are new to the ‘craft’.For instance, do you date photos from: the clothing people are wearing; the cars you see; the progress of building construction; the appearance of telegraph poles; an historic event…or something unusual?

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They also wore tight trousers and waistcoats, with high upstanding collars and neckties tied around them. Tiered cape-jackets were fashionable, as were paisley patterned shawls.Barbara's aunt found this picture among her belongings.Old Family Photo Mystery: Is This the Father or the Son? Is this photo of a father in her family tree, or his son? There are a lot of sharp-eyed family photo detectives out there. " You can imagine the oohs and ahhs of the other attendees. Stranger things have happened, but to be safe, I asked her to email me a picture of her ancestor.The following collection of photographs is designed to help recognise the characteristics and changes in women’s clothes from 1860 to 1914. Also, most of the portraits show mainly middle class women dressed in their Sunday best.Even so the photographs provide a place to start from.The bowler hat was invented around 1850, but was generally seen as a working class hat, while top-hats were favoured by the upper classes.

1860s women's dress featured tight bodices with high necks and buttoned fronts.

The great thing about women’s clothes is that they changed pretty regularly, and the general features of each change are clearly identifiable along with hair styles and hats.

As with the use of cars for dating photographs, you don’t have to become a fashion expert and take account of every small detail (of course you can if your interest moves you to).

Barbara Rivers sent me this black and white print of her mystery photo.

To submit your own mystery photos for free analysis, follow these instructions.

Deep bonnets were worn and hair was swept into buns or side coils from a centre parting.

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