Dating rock art southern america

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All sites are accessible with a passenger car and a short walk!

Small flakes of exfoliated, blue paint were found at the site.Optical microscopic examination determined the microstratigraphy of the samples and that the flakes were free of modern contamination.How does rock art help our understanding of California pre-contact aboriginal groups?“These dates are only the beginning of these investigations, but they open up the possibility of initiating a dialogue between the art of the San and their archaeological remains,” Bonneau said.The Moab area has numerous examples of Indian rock art to enjoy.This method uses a much smaller sample than traditional radiocarbon dating, and thus causes less damage to the artwork.

Adelphine Bonneau of Laval University explained that the study tested rock art at 14 sites located in southeastern Botswana, western Lesotho, and South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province.

Rock art was produced by a number of prehistoric and historic peoples over thousands of years. A big game hunting people, known as Paleo-Indians, are considered to be the first human users in the area.

Scientists have directly dated Stone Age rock paintings in southern Africa reliably for the first time. And the findings open the door for archaeologists and other researchers to date thousands more rock paintings in this part of Africa — and so piece together the lives and development of ancient people there.

This page briefly discusses some types, dates, the artists and their cultures and how to take care of these irreplaceable sites.

Directions are included to a number of sites which allow you to sample some of the easily accessible ancient rock art in the Moab area.

The team members were careful to avoid paintings made with charcoal, which could have been much older than the image itself, and to remove radiocarbon contaminants from the samples.