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SWF file" (press on the "Download button" on the upper right corner) and you can open it with Adobe Flash Player.

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While he enjoys shooters, RPGs, platformers, strateg...But sharing is also a good way to show the game to other people.EDIT: When talking to Venom, make sure she's away from any walls or the game will freeze. Play as either the gamer Harold or the cheerful Kayla.If you pick Harold, you must persuade Kayla to stay with you and play videogames., a point-and-click adventure about a school shooting.

It hasn't exactly aged well (unless you count the more recent remakes), but it still reminds me of being a kid, playing morbid videogames when I should have been doing homework.If you pick Kayla, you must convince Harold to go outside and have a date with you.In this funny game you have the oportunity to try your dating skills, but beware that everything you say matters!I do not know what this does actually, just tried it now.Anyways, i never thought this game would be here on newgrounds!Newgrounds has grown a lot since the early days, becoming a place for a huge number of creators to put up content of varying quality.

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