Dating someone cia

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Dating someone cia - dating a recently separated man with children

In order to be successful in protecting the nation, much of the work of the CIA must remain secret.

To some, it’s easier to lie about having an over-the-top, exciting life than it is to live and accept a relatively simple, normal life – as most of us do.Meet CIA officers Grant, Brian, Jaime, Rosemary, and Tara.In this article, they’ll share their insights and talk about what it’s like to be an Agency employee.Not only do I see my family every day, I make it a point to see them every day.Brian: Outside of work, the job looks like just another job — you'll still see your friends and certainly family.Your boss is caught in the act of "going at it" with a junior colleague, and it's perfectly acceptable.

That's the espionage division of the CIA, according to former clandestine operations officer Reuel Marc Gerecht, who wrote a piece for The New Republic.There will be times when you're busy — after 9/11, I worked seven days a week for three months — but at CIA, if you're working like it's a national emergency, it probably is a national emergency.Tara: When I joined the Agency, I thought I'd have to distance myself from my family and friends. The Agency does its best to ensure its officers find a work/life balance. My family members are all in Pennsylvania, and I see them all several times a year, plus they have visited me for Family Day. In my 10 years as an NCS officer, I have never been asked or directed to spy on my family or friends and report on their activities.Generally, Gerecht says, as long as agents are forthcoming with their colleagues, infidelity is not frowned upon — except, of course, in the case of lasting relationships with foreigners."Leave punishment for wayward officers to their husbands and wives," Gerecht writes indicating the Agency's generally acceptable stance toward the behavior.Let me spell this out clearly: If your spouse claims to be a CIA agent, I guarantee you: he or she most certainly is not.