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He knew what was good for them and was open and straight with her, even if it ‘hurt’ her.

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It’s your ability to pay attention to her in unexpected ways — at unexpected times — because it’s genuinely in your heart to do it.

The difference is in how they reacted to female testing, that reaction resulted in the dramatically different results. ♦◊♦ In a recent post, Pleading Does Not Hack It, while talking about the failure of a man’s relationship through too much pleading, I said, “Finally I just want to say a quick word about female testing.

They will always do it, as long as you are together.

That in mind, here come the three secret “tests” that every woman uses (even if she doesn’t realize it) to determine whether you are boyfriend material: Test #1: Are You Present?

When it comes to first dates, most guys waste precious time and opportunities with great women by not actually “being there” at all.

When a man meets a woman, what’s happening is that their external directed behaviors are meeting and the woman only gets a glimpse into what the man could be like.

In psychology these kinds of behaviors are called ‘personas’.

In the example you see that all the images in each row are similar.

You can also see it in another way: there is one image of each type in each column. You can choose the figure you think is the correct one by clicking on it, or press A or 1 for the first figure on the first row, B or 2 for the second figure on the first row, and so on.

Your score is calculated according to your age group.

If you are younger than 18 or older than 56, the results will be less accurate.

In order to see whether the glimpse and the real personality match, she tests him.

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