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what I personally find so interesting about SL is that it is at once possibly one of the most advanced things on the Internet today (prompting people to start calling it Web 3.0) and yet the whole concept is basically a tarted up version of the real early days of the Internet where anonymity was king and everywhere was full of sci-fi and fantasy freaks with too much time on their hands.

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” It was not the first time I’ve raised eyebrows at a club with an unusual choice of outfit, but it was definitely the strangest!I was invited to talk at the inaugural TEDx Hilversum – the Dutch city which is the country’s medialand, and whence the TV format ideas both for “Big Brother” and “The Voice” came.The topic: “How to spot the next big thing”, building on a column I wrote for The Guardian’s Tech Monthly supplement back in October, about how the selfie was pretty much accidental.Everything big since then – Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Uber – has launched first and pretty much only on mobile, with essentially no functionality on the desktop.By contrast, everyone has a mobile phone – there are more than 2 billion smartphones in use today. Look at the people in the picture above: they’re holding up their mobile phones, not their laptops. Invented in 1986 and implemented in 1992, it didn’t take off at first – until the advent of pay-as-you-go (PAYG or pre-pay) phones, which meant that they were cheaper and adults didn’t have to commit to a contract for their kids; they’d just use what they needed.“Robot practice is a way to acquire the data that a robot needs for learning to robustly manipulate objects.” Tellex also notes that there are around 300 Baxter robots in various research labs around the world today.

If each of those robots were to use both arms to examine new objects, she says, it would be possible for them to learn to grasp a million objects in 11 days.

It scrapes Twitter’s current trending topics and boils them down into crazy-sounding headlines without any human intervention. [Stefanie] Tellex [of Brown University] says robotics researchers are increasingly looking for more efficient ways of training robots to perform tasks such as manipulation.

“We have powerful algorithms now—such as deep learning—that can learn from large data sets, but these algorithms require data,” she says.

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When we’re looking for the “next big thing”, the only place to bother looking is mobile. Think about this: what was the last important app that launched first on the desktop (not in the browser, because browsers work on mobile too)?

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