Daytime dating audiobook

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Daytime dating audiobook

Laugh-out-loud, no-nonsense relationship advice from Loni Love—comedian and co-host of The Real on Fox and BET—reminding women that putting yourself first is the path toward lasting love. Now as co-host of the new daytime talk show The Real, Loni doles out romantic advice to an audience of millions every day. Drew’s Loveline, audiences first fell in love with Loni for her relatable brand of social commentary and unique take on love, sex, and dating.

She works with professionals who are in a mid-career crisis to help them navigate the corporate landscape or sta...When Stella Grey’s husband leaves her for another woman, she fears she'll be unhappy and alone for the rest of her life.But daytime vodka-drinking and ice-cream are only short-term consolations.We believe authors change the world with by sharing important stories and ideas.Let us help you get your story out to more people and make the world a better place.Raudman is one of the most requested narrators in the multibillion dollar audiobook industry, having recorded well over 300 books since 2006.

In less than a decade, the "When audiobooks were first being produced for a more mass market, the trend was toward a 'single-voiced' read with, at most, subtle changes for each different character," she says.In the end, she says, you may stick with him, you may bail out, but don’t ever be left “stuck with the tab,” or letting yourself be taken advantage of.Her message is consistent throughout: If women make themselves the priority, everything else will fall into place.Realizing that she needs to take her future into her own hands, Stella dives into the world of online dating.What follow are 693 days of hilarious, depressing, and baffling encounters that unfold both in person and online.When Stella Grey's husband leaves her, vodka and ice cream are only short-term consolations.

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