Degrassi costars dating in real life

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Drake got a chance to remember where it all began on Wednesday night as he reunited with his former television co-stars Mazin Elsadig, Daniel Clark, Adam Ruggiero and Lauren Collins at the screening of We Are Disorderly in Toronto.

Luckily, Netflix picked up the fan-favorite show for 2016.Joining him onstage were Stefan Brogren (bandmate Archibald "Snake" Simpson, who still stars on the current incarnation), Dan Woods (no-nonsense teacher and principal Mr.Raditch), Kirsten Bourne (boyfriend-stealing Tessa Campanelli) and Stacie Mistysyn (aloof heartbreaker Caitlin Ryan).Her style was on point, she was full of sass, and, yes, often said "hon" to her peers.Kippel and Epstein, 28, played dreamy Gavin "Spinner" Mason and Craig Manning, respectively.He also appeared in an episode of Haven called "Butterfly".

He is good friends on set with Cristine Prosperi, Olivia Scriven, Alex Steele, Munro Chambers, and Luke Bilyk.A case of the sad baby gays and some major eye rolling.But we also got Zoe, whom I’m pretty sure the writers can’t take away from us too. Us gays stick together, so it’s no surprise that from the opening credits alone you can tell Zoe and Tristan are going to be tight all season long.cast reunion&picture= Panel-2-7-2000x1333.jpg&description=This past weekend, five original cast members from Degrassi Junior High reunited at Toronto Comi Con.It was the first get-together in what's being billed as a cross-country tour spearheaded by Pat Mastroianni, better known to Canadians of a certain age as silver-tongued, fedora-topped rapscallion and Zit Remedy frontman Joey Jeremiah.At least, that’s what she tells Zoe when they bump into each other at a pool party.

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