Excel sum not updating

26-Sep-2019 03:21 by 4 Comments

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Here is the situation: I have a workbook that has data plugged into it manually throughout many sheets, and at the end there are a few sheets with different graphs and charts that are generated by a macro.

I am using a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to keep track of sales tax. I am using a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to keep track of sales tax.

The SUM stays the same regardless of the values in the cells.

I can't even create a brand new column w/the SUM function at the bottom..won't up date either.

This sheet reads from a lot of different spreadsheets to sum and organize the data into one place. May be it's happening because of text formatting applied before entering the formula.

Select the range of cells and change the formatting from Text to General.

Select the single column range and PRESS ALT D E AND CLICK NEXT No, I double checked the formatting of the cells. That is true, but my fundamental problem still exists.

They're all 'General', and if I try to do the Text to Columns thing, the formulas get split. And I would still need to do that on 26 columns in about 9 different blocks of data. It seems like I have to actually edit the cells somehow before Excel will update the values. It seems like forcing all external links to update this last time worked, finally.

In a new document I can get the SUM function to work properly, however copying and pasting into a new document doesn't work.

This is a very extensive document and it would hours to redo it.

I know the formulas work because if I manually go through the cells using F2 Enter, the values update correctly.

There are, however, a LOT of cells and I don't want to have to go through each and every one hitting F2 Enter/Tab. Could it be related to the number of external links we have?

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