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Students were welcomed by members of the Muskingum faculty and staff, who assisted with questions and directions.

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The majority of them live in parts of former Greater Hungary in such newly created or enlarged neighboring states as Romania (more than two million), Slovakia (700,000), the former Yugoslavia (500,000), Ukraine (200,000), and Austria (50,000).

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Hungary is inhabited almost exclusively by Hungarians (Magyars), who constitute 96.1 percent of its population.

The remaining 3.9 percent is made up of Germans, Slovaks, South Slavs, Gypsies, and Romanians.

It is about the size of Indiana (35,919 square miles, or 93,030 square kilometers) with twice the latter's population.

It is bounded by Slovakia in the north, Ukraine in the northeast, Romania in the east, the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia) in the south, and Austria in the west.

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Another two million reside in Western Europe, the Americas, and Australia—the majority of them in the United States.

According to statistics compiled in 1992, 67.8 percent of Hungarians are Catholic, 20.9 percent Calvinist (Reformed), and 4.2 percent Lutheran (Evangelical).

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