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Protesters clashed with police officers, which led to several arrests.While protests ultimately ceased, interethnic tensions remained high at the end of the year. Electoral Process: 7 / 12 (−1) Members of the unicameral, 123-seat Assembly are elected to four-year terms by proportional representation.

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The ruling party did not respond to opposition calls for new elections but allowed the European Union (EU) to mediate a solution between the two main political parties.

) is issued to citizens of the Republic of Macedonia for the purpose of international travel.

Responsibility for their issuance lies with the Ministry of the Interior.

On April 13, 2014, Macedonia held presidential and parliamentary elections.

The ruling party, Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization–Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO–DPMNE), won both elections, giving Nikola Gruevski a third consecutive mandate as a prime minister and Gjorge Ivanov a second consecutive presidential term.

As opposition parties commenced a legislative boycott, thirty-one newly elected opposition legislators refused to take their seats. In June, a Skopje court convicted six ethnic Albanians for the murder of five Macedonian fishermen, which took place in 2012 during a prolonged period of interethnic tensions.

In July, ethnic Albanians took to the streets to protest the convictions, which they claimed to be unfair and motivated by Islamophobia.

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As of 2017 there is still no planned population census in near-term future.

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