Galaxy tab manual mode updating applications

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Barnes & Noble is providing a free software update for NOOK Tablet™ - 16GB and NOOK Tablet™ - 8GB that contains new features such as zoom view in comics and graphic novels, improvements in viewing Page Perfect™ and PDF documents, and other minor system enhancements.

Ensure you are on the latest version of Kies prior to attempting the update.

ZIP file onto the main directory of the NOOK drive. You should not create a new folder on the NOOK drive or add the file to any other existing folder. Eject or Safely Remove the NOOK drive after the file transfer is complete. Your NOOK will automatically recognize the file after a few minutes when it goes to sleep mode, and proceed to install the updates. Please do not turn off your NOOK during the installation process. Once the installation is completed, your NOOK will automatically restart and go to the unlock screen. On the bottom left status bar a green "n" will appear.

Tap on it for additional information; the software has been successfully updated.

You may see a notification asking if you accept the new permissions.

Tip: In some cases, you may need to restart your device to update an app.

If the power on your unit is below 50% there is a chance the unit will malfunction. Otherwise, click Firmware upgrade to start the upgrade process. If you see the message "This is the latest firmware," you do not need a firmware upgrade.

Windows users should first determine the version of Android running on their mobile device. If your device is running Android 4.3, please download Kies 3. You may have installed a version of Kies that is incompatible with your device. I installed Kies on my computer, but my device is giving me an error message that says Kies is not supported.If you wanted to go even further you could root your Galaxy and then remove the pre-loaded bloatware entirely, but that's a tutorial for another day.Not all Samsung devices have this app – previously called Samsung Apps – so if you can't see it in your app drawer just move onto the next option.You can either update the apps downloaded and installed on your Android device individually or automatically.Updating your apps gives you access to the latest features and improves app security and stability.If you own a Samsung device and prefer to use Google apps (or others) rather than the Samsung versions, then you probably don't want them updating themselves all the time either.