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When they started appearing with Gary in his concerts, not everyone was pleased with the idea; some saw it as impudent self-promotion and didn’t expect it to last.Birth Name: Edgardo Jose Santiago Valenciano Place of Birth: Santa Mesa, Manila, Philippines Date of Birth: August 6, 1964 Ethnicity: *Filipino [Bicolano] (father) *Puerto Rican [including Spanish and some either African or Taino], Italian, Portuguese (mother) Gary Valenciano is a Filipino musician.His father, Vicente Calacas Valenciano, was Filipino, from Camalig, Albay.Gary is married to Maria Anna Elizabeth “Angeli” Pangilinan.Gary’s paternal grandparents were José Valenciano and Rosario Calacas.For some people, it’s difficult to work with family, but for the Valencianos — dad Gary, mom Angeli and kids Paolo, Gabriel and Kiana — working with each other is not a chore but an immense joy.

As the kids of Gary and Angeli, it was a foregone conclusion that Paolo, Gabriel and Kiana would eventually follow their parents into the business.

For the last 30 years, Gary has experienced God’s faithfulness while managing this disease.

A couple of years ago, Gary nearly died from a hypoglycemia attack (when sugar levels in the body drop dangerously low).

Some wrote it off as an act whose novelty would wear off soon enough.

But eventually, the Valenciano kids proved that there was more to them than just being the children of the country’s most dynamic performer.

Paolo was successful and his biggest project to date was directing Arise: Gary V 3.0, his father’s 30th anniversary concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. concert Paolo directed (the first was On Higher Ground at the Music Museum in 2012) but it was the biggest.