Gentoo kde updating

02-Mar-2020 10:24 by 8 Comments

Gentoo kde updating - an error has occurred while setup was updating partition information

You must do the installation by starting your computer from a Live CD (A Linux environment with a collection of needed tools).

This has the advantage that small parts of the server can now be upgraded singly without having to recompile larger packages.

This is time consuming, but not much harder than following a cookie recipe.

You compile all desired software optimized for your system.

I recompiled kwallet 4.14.2 and then kwallet 5 was able to import my old wallet :-).

Tip of the day: do not uninstall Plasma 4 before importing your wallet.

The errors on “-9999” versions need vast improvement.

x11-libs/qt-gui-4.4.2-r9999″ is blocking x11-libs/qt-xmlpatterns-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-script-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-dbus-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-sql-4.4.2-r1, x11-libs/qt-qt3support-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-svg-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-test-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-opengl-4.4.2, x11-libs/qt-core-4.4.2-r2) [blocks BÂ Â Â Â ]Â Â Â this means that new Qt libraries are available and portage is trying to upgrade only *a part* of the ones you have installed.Yesterday I removed my Plasma 4 installation and installed Plasma 5. ok, many hours compiling things Plasma 5 was installed and then I had my first surprise: I need kwallet 4 installed to import my secrets into kwallet 5, but I had uninstalled it before start compiling Plasma 5. Since it was not installed kwallet 4 failed to open my wallet with "Unsupported file format version" error.I know it is not ready for production yet but, you know, I am a KDE developer and want to contribute to improve Plasma 5 :-) I used Gentoo's live ebuilds to install Frameworks 5 and Plasma 5's master branches. Desperation started growing into my heart (my secrets, my precious secrets...).The following is the output of emerge -u DNavt world: Then they explained to me that there has been a change on QT eclass to provide protection to the system from having mixed QT versions.The problem is that the protection works by blocking the mix, but the output is at least “unfriendly”. I used to use kwallet 4.14.2 (Gentoo's unstable version) but I installed 4.12.5 (Gentoo's stable version) without kdepimlibs installed. kwallet uses a different file format when compiled with kdepimlibs installed.

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