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Under the motto Digital inclusion for all, the German Adult Education Association organised the 14th German Adult Education Conference.

The language talent that he is, Thor recently started learning Icelandic - grammatically the most similar of all North Germanic languages to modern German (three genders and 4 cases! Thor admits, not the most practical language to learn with only 330,000 native speakers, but at least most elves one meets around Hafnarfjörður have a good conversational command of Icelandic too.

1,500 participants from education, science, business and politics as well as from DVV International partner organisations took part in the activities in Berlin.

German is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe.

I originally used the German Shepherd puppy food you have and the breeder used. My dog has been on NOTHING different and will be 7 yrs old in Sept. All others were on other foods and all had severe hip problems.

This dog is the healthiest pet with excellent hips, skin, hair, etc. However, in this case, I believe we get what we are paying for and it shows in our dogs. He is European working stock and has a very high work/prey drive.

I came across the Royal Canin German Shepherd formula and decided to try it.

After completing the food switching process, the mushy poop issue went away and hasn't ever returned!The DVV (German Adult Education Association) is the federal umbrella association for the 16 regional associations of Germany's community adult education centres and runs a head office and a number of institutions to support its members and carry out the duties of the association, funded by membership fees from the regional associations.The work of the DVV and its institutions is subsidised through special-purpose government and government agency funds (from the Foreign Office and the ministries BMBF, BMFSFJ, BMI, BMZ), the federal states, the EU and other public sources.In Germany telc certificates are recognized as an official proof attesting German language competences.For more detailed information see also:telc Gmb H - Language Tests Contact: telc Gmb HBleichstrasse 1D-60313 Frankfurt a.The Association promotes adult education, furthers education and general educational at the Adult Education Colleges and represents the interests of the regional associations at national (federal) level, in particular by DVV institutions and their fields of work: dvv international dvv international is the Institute of International Co-operation of the German Adult Education Association.

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