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Half-naked models covered in gold are used in a video by Nile Niami and real estate firm Hilton and Hyland to seduce home buyers into buying the most expensive home in Beverly Hills. The 20,500-square-foot residence has seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Developer Nile Niami says they wanted to take a darker approach with the styling and direction of the video.

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Kiryu asks if it was the guy who just ran off and he says it was.Completing items on the achievement list will reward you with 1 CP per item, which can be used at the CP Exchange Shrine for upgrades.Items listed under "Kiryu and Majima" can be completed by either character, because they are linked together, so completing an item under this list will reward both characters with 1 CP.Our Online Design Tool makes the whole process quick and easy. And, if you like, you can even ask us to view your design and provide technical assistance to help you achieve exactly the look you are striving for..any point in the process.But–if at any time you need help, a real-live expert is just a click away (in that little green box on the left of the screen). Anytime you order from Cafe Press, your secret numbers are safe with us.Opus is represented by agent Drew Fenton of Hilton & Hyland.

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Practitioners of Chinese medicine consider it to be an effective cure for many illnesses from short-sightedness to hair loss, and it is even believed to increase 'vitality' in men, according to the People's Daily Online.

(FOX 11) - As the saying goes sex sells everything, even real estate, apparently.

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Dustin Lynch's music video for "Small Town Boy" may roll deep in the clichés, but it somehow works.

A beautiful woman wandering seductively through wild flowers.