How to update records without invalidating cursor oracle

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How to update records without invalidating cursor oracle

The change to the table has invalidated the procedures, meaning that the next time a session attempts to use them, they will need recompiled.While that will happen automatically existing sessions will get dreaded "ORA-04068: existing state of packages has been discarded" error.

Question: When I change my CBO statistics with dbms_stats, when will the changed statistics take effect on my SQL statements?- A child cursor takes up less space in the cursor cache.A child cursor doesn’t contain all of the information stored in a parent cursor, for example, the SQL text is only stored in the parent cursor and not in each child.When you gather statistics on a table, the goal is to get new plan if statistics have changed, so you can expect cursor invalidation.However, invalidating immediately all cursors that have a dependency with the table may cause a hard parse storm and this is why by default rolling invalidation occurs: invalidation of cursor will be planned randomly in a time window that follows next execution.Since we want to economize on the memory consumption, we would like that equivalent SQL statements should use the same cursor e.g.

select * from employees and SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEES achieve the same objective and have the same execution plan and hence only one cursor should be created and should be used when either of the statements is issued.But what I said here is too wide: not all cursors are invalidated, but only those that have been created on same session private statistics.Thanks to Andrew Sayer (see comments) and to Mark from Oracle Support for their tests with cursors created by other sessions.For several types of incompatibility there is a column that is set to either N (not a mismatch) or Y (mismatch).We have seen that patching PLSQL is possible in Oracle 11g R2 without impacting a running application and with some careful design, it is cumbersome but possible in older versions of Oracle.In Oracle 10G and below, changing just about any object in a dependency chain will cause all the dependent objects to become invalid.

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