Invalidating environment borderline personality

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Invalidating environment borderline personality

There are recent studies that have discovered that a person with a particularly sensitive disposition can develop BPD a lot easier which then creates a genetic link. Anyone who experiences severe depression knows what I'm talking about.

It makes one think that someone suffering from this thing and its name starts with "borderline", is on the verge of a terrible mental illness.I stopped playing the games three months ago (and stopped reacting to his) and now the way he injects distance in our relationships is to ignore me for days on end, which, to me, pretty much implies we aren't together (especially since we barely even hang out).Seems like a no win situation :-\ I tried to be a mature and loyal partner and he got bored. Ok, so I think I may have come up with the answer to my question lol. So is the issue for BPD (waif types) that they can't do long term relationships because as the relationship progresses, it results in either 1. I believe it's more than that, but until we take the "scary" out of mental illness, people can't seek the help they need. 3.) Common thought is that those with BPD are attention seeking, relationship destroying, manipulative assholes. We struggle with emotional regulation more than others but if you take the simplistic approach that we are just trying to ruin everyone's life, I'll slap you. Common misconceptions are as follows: 1.) BPD is rare. It has been diagnosed in one person out of every 50. ever, but I suppose it should be noted that there are a lot of really successful solutions that improve and help heal the lives of those who experience these symptoms.But then why is it that once they achieve this, they lose interest and start looking elsewhere?

And they tend to like playing relationship games (whether consciously or unconsciously).

People affected typically use a high amount of healthcare resources.

Overall, the features of BPD include unusually intense sensitivity in relationships with others, difficulty regulating emotions, and impulsivity.

If their partner plays them back, they get hurt, but if their partner stops playing them, they get bored and move on to someone else who will play them.

I notice this with my recent BPDbf (we are all but broken up now).

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