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While police said they have not reached any conclusions regarding the allegations, the video, released Wednesday by the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, shows Officer Richard Pinheiro during a drug arrest in January placing a soup can, which holds a plastic bag, into a lot strewn with trash.

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He walks back down the alley to the lot, picks up the soup can and removes the plastic bag, which is filled with white capsules.

The public defender’s office alerted prosecutors to the video last week, prompting prosecutors to drop a heroin possession charge against the man arrested in the incident, NBC News reported.

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The Baltimore Police department is conducting an internal investigation after the Public Defender's office flagged body camera footage in a drug-related case.

Attorneys say the video shows officers planting drugs at a crime scene.

The footage was recorded automatically before Pinheiro formally activated the body cam.

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    Neither the Air Force nor Lockheed Martin, the defense firm that runs the database, could say why it became corrupted or whether they’ll be able to recover the information.